Millionaire Quiz HD

Your trivia knowledge on all kinds of subjects will be put to test when you join this game of Millionaire Quiz! It's the virtual version of the classic game show that most people love. From technology, sports, social events, science to geography, all of your knowledge in each subject will get to shine in order to get to the highest-rewarded question in this game. Each will come with a set of 15 questions that vary in difficulty levels. As the subject per each question will change depending on the algorithm of the game at Gogy 2020, there is no way of learning which subject you will have to deal with in the next turn.

Don't worry as you will have some lifelines to help you out when you are stuck. As you have already known, those support chances in this Gogy free game are 50:50, calling another person and ask the audience. As the 50:50 option is efficient in the question that you have already know some answers, it will help you eliminate 2 wrong answers. For calling someone option, choose correctly whom to call or you will waste the time.

Newcomers can choose the main subject that is their strength from the beginning of the game. Also, a tip is to pay extra attention to the special and tough milestones like 5, 10, and 15 as they give the highest rewards and usually hard to conquer. Pick the right answer among 4 available options quickly before the time runs out, but make sure to think carefully enough to avoid choosing the wrong one.

Become the first to reach the final checkpoints and claim yourself as the ultimate millionaire in! Other equally mind-wrecking games for puzzle lovers are Slimoban or Smart Shapes

Instruction to play:

Choose the right answer and interact with the lifelines using the left