Real Extreme Car Driving Drift

The core gameplay of Real Extreme Car Driving Drift in the game list of Gogy car game will be the work of drifting, but the players will be able to coordinate more features and techniques such as maneuvering, driving, balance controlling, and others! We are welcoming the best racers to this game with the chance of choosing your car for all the tracks, as well as tons of updates and upgrades available.

Like any other racing game, you will explore the layout and the platform of racing while trying to bypass the other racers. However, keep in mind that performing the drifts will be one of the most crucial tasks in this game, besides winning 1st place. Are you ready to ace this racing game for kids of all ages with the most exciting new features?

Prepare your maneuvering skills to get by this extreme car simulating game with the advanced real physics engine. The kids will feel the actual bumpy road, the recoil of the engine, as well as the collision if any. There're aggressive competitors constantly trying to hit you with their vehicles as well.

By trying this game out at, you are in for an excellent car driving experience for your entertainment time. Keep an eye out for the metrics and the statistics on two sides of the game screen to get control of your vehicles. Three modes available in this game are No Traffic, Traffic Mode, and Free Driving. Other racing games like Rally All Stars will tap on different terrains and unique racing spots, so feel free to check them out later! 

Instruction to play:

Use W, A, S, D, or arrow keys to drive the car and interact with the players. Use the F key to use the nitrous boost.