School Puzzle Book

Get yourself to emerge in this Gogy for kids for kids called School Puzzle Book, with more than one fixed game genre. You will get to explore two or more game themes in the same option, ranging from the mission of Shadow Obis to the Word Search. Two different types of activities in this book will come with different educational games and missions for you to explore. Start with one simple task and work your way towards the harder ones. For each type, we provide three or four different stages of difficulty so that you can progress and enhance your skills in this game.

Firstly, Shadow match puzzles are all about figuring out which item fits which shadow. Using the given black shadow on the side panel, you will try to sharpen your finding and match it with the right one on the pictures. This requires some eyesight and spotting skills among lots of items on the same frame. The next mission for you will be the task of swap-and-match in Word Search, where you will elaborate on your existing vocabulary and crack the hardest word-search puzzles within the given time range.

The faster you win the stage, the higher your score will be, so pay attention to the time and number of slots available for the letters. Our tip for you to win this second mini-game here at will be to look for vowels before hitting the consonant. Keep practicing with more word and letter puzzles such as Solitaire Swift or Pet 5 Diffs, and grab a friend or two to share the spirit during your weekend! Emerge in this vibrant graphics world, cool-styled design, and fun storyline, and crack all the games while enjoying the animation and background sounds! 

Instruction to play:

Play the mini-games using your mouse or touchpad.