Robot Evolution

Hop into the latest game of Robot Evolution - our pixel-based action-platform game from Gogy kid game! Dive into the setting of a cave and electricity set where all the robots have gone malfunctioned. Take the side of Steve, our robot main character, to overcome the obstacles and trouble to shut down all the generators. The only way to stop the robots from spreading is to fight them on your way to conquer this maze. There are plenty of weapons and skills that Steve can use to defeat the other robots, but the most important one will be wisdom. Learn when to run, jump, dodge, attack, avoid, and hide to make it to the end of the platform intact.

Gears are scattered and you might find them hidden in the crates along the way. Keep in mind that your robot's objective is to get to the generators' location and destroy them to advance to the next level. Steer clear of the traps, locks, obstacles, and enemies trying to stop you on your path with your given skills and abilities. Once you make it to the final stages, bosses are your enemies to advance. Emerge in this lovely storyline that is carefully guided by our scientist character and join him on the journey to figure out how to overcome some of the obstacles.

Avoiding and winning over the monsters is easier if you learn their characteristics. Spider robot, slow and minimal in HP, will not be a threat and you can jump over it. Keep an eye out for generators and try to destroy them all. There will be 15 of them in total, but searching and locating them in this maze is not as easy as it seems. Participate in other adventures after this one such as Royal Siege and Super Friday Night Vs Beast Guy from !

Instruction to play:

Controls: Use the mouse to move.