Stickman Planks Fall

In order to stay in this game of Stickman Planks Fall for a long time, the participants need to make sure that their stickmen don't fall in this fun race! It's the race to reach the destination without falling down any holes, gaps, edges, or hitting any obstacles on your path. For each race in this Gogy new game, you will have to wait until the game collects enough online players, all of which are real-time players, to join.

Once the slots are full, you can start hitting the game and conquer the io board. Each player sets on his or her journey to collect enough wood planks so that you can be safe when you have to cross over a huge gap. To cross the gaps, build up a bridge using the gathered pieces of wood. If you fail to collect enough planks, you will not be able to pass the gaps with your character intact.

There are plenty of opponents that you need to look out for in the game, but keep in mind that there is only one winner per stage. Participate in this fun race to enjoy the thrilling sensation of your adrenaline rush when having to try to gather the pieces fast. The stickmen have different color schemes, ranging from red, and blue, to pink.

If your cup of tea is racing games with outstanding themes and special mechanisms, this io game from will easily be the best choice for you! Competing against top players in this tournament will be extremely competitive and passionate, with various enthusiastic players ready to get to the finishing line in record time! Share other io games such as Freaky Monster Rush with other online players to explore tips and tricks that you haven't known!

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to move.