Wizard Mike

The powerful wizard here in our new game Wizard Mike at Gogy action 2023 will be in charge of casting the right spell so that he can kick the enemies, monsters, and other wizards away from his kingdom! Assist him on the journey to reach the final gate and wipe out all the enemies with the best throw now! First, this new game is a level-based game, which means that you will be working with multiple different stages and a special layout for each one. Learn how to aim using the guideline on the screen before throwing spells.

Your objective is to defeat all enemies on each stage, using one or a limited number of spells. In order to play the role of this Incredibly Powerful and Wise Wizard Mike well, aim carefully before releasing or casting each spell so that you can maximize the damage range and clear the most enemies. It'll also bring a chance to win over plenty of puzzled encounters against strong enemies who are dying to take over your kingdom. Let's see if you can gather all the prizes and money throughout the set of 200 complicated levels! Enjoy the 2D animation with stunning visual effects when casting spells and cool background sounds.

The vibration setting also plays a role in making this game experience much more lively and fun for both newbies and advanced players! You can upgrade your classic wizard robe by purchasing more items for changing in the game store using your hard-earned coins. Unlock all fashion items in the wardrobe and turn into a truly magical Wizard Mike! Here at https://gogy.games/, our gaming collection will get replenished on a daily basis, so take a shot at other game genres such as Kogama Two Fort or Mini Sticky

Instruction to play:

Use the left button to hold and cast the spells.