Fool's Match

Fool's Match brings talents to the table when it comes to matching with high speed and precision. We are waiting for the best players to spot the groups of three same blocks or tiles in this Gogy 2021 game and conquer the Leaderboard with their high scores. It's quite easy to spot some three same color tiles with similar fool faces, but it's not easy to fully remove them from the grid when there are so many scattered around.

Time is another limit in this game because you are also competing against the clock to spot the blocks. Make sure that you pick the correct order of colors according to the requirements of each stage. To avoid forgetting, just follow the list of blocks that you need to catch and match one by one. More games like Bridge Builder: Puzzle Game will be harder than this gaming selection but with some practice in this version, you will do great in other similar ones.

For the newbies, this game is quite an extended version of classic puzzle games, so prepare to conquer the elaborated gameplay and hit the top rank of scores within your recorded time. Get ready for some brainstorming, fast speed, and great flexibility when it comes to maneuvering with the board. Your brain might be in for a challenge that kids of all ages can enjoy!

Blocks will be popping up everywhere on this board as long as there is a space. This requires players to constantly gather new groups so that they can quickly clear out the board! When you finally get to the point of clearing all the blocks, it will be quite a rewarding experience, even for advanced players! Keep going strong with tougher puzzle games like Square Rush from and enrich your entertainment time! 

Instruction to play:

Click on the block groups to remove them.