Dino Egg Defense

What would you do if you are to control the line of colored balls and eggs which will be the revenge of the dinosaur in Dino Egg Defense? Let's start matching the group of 3 or more dinosaur eggs to successfully blast them and remove them from the board of this Gogy 2021 game. This game is all about adding new eggs with specific colors into the line of existing eggs and try to remove as many groups as possible.

For the goal of protecting your base, all you need to do is to eliminate all the dinosaur eggs before these lines fill up to the brim of your base. The highest ranking for each level will be a total of 3 stars, therefore, let's see if you can achieve these 3 stars for all stages! This game will attract both newbies and the old existing fans of Zuma marble shooters thanks to the colorful gameplay, similar rules, and better challenges, and carefully designed layout.

Come to experience these beautifully designed levels with tons of curves and lots of boosters to assist you in difficult moments. For example, use the freeze booster to stop the time and get yourself some time to think of the best movement before the line starts moving again. The backward movement lets you redo the nearest wrong move of your choosing to remove the errors or mistakes.

These challenging levels will be updated daily at http://gogy.games/ and they guaranteed to keep you hooked with such realistic and dynamic graphics! Get your eye-hand coordination and fast movement ready to blast off the other balls in more ball games such as Eliza Queen Of Chess or Fantasy Sniper, all for free!

Instruction to play:

Instructions for control keys: Click and drag the mouse cursor to aim and shoot the marbles at the board.