Paint Island

Coloring games will always be perfect options if you are in search of a simple yet relaxing game to share with friends and family during the weekend. Paint Island is a game that is unlike any other hypercasual game that you have tried out on the online game set! This is a Gogy 2023 game that mainly focused on your art of painting capsules with the virtual brush. The work of painting them is so easy that even newbies can grasp the basics, all by passing over them lightly with a paintbrush.

However, the order and the number of capsules that you manage to get the paint on will be the challenging parts of this game. The players will come through the levels one by one in the order of increasing difficulty. The first few stages are the easy ones, so feel free to explore and take it slow to understand the game mechanism. Your objective remains unchanged regardless of the levels, which is to smear the paint on all of the capsules on the board. Depending on the stages, the layout and shape of the board shall vary, which leads to a requirement for you to adjust your strategy and painting method accordingly.

This game's graphics and design are to die for, with a colorful palette, 2D fun graphics, and cool animation of the characters that you are painting. Are you ready to make a lasting impact with this beautifully painted island and clear out all the given frames? It's one of the wide-ranged collections of coloring games here at such as Boxes Wizard and Grass Cutting Puzzle , all of which are free of charge so that kids can have fun gaming time without any worries! Go ahead and start spreading your imagination with all these color-matching, shape coordination, and painting skills now!

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the mouse or touchpad to control the paintbrush.