Dr Dice

Cleaning up the mess made by our absent-minded professor in this Gogy game of Dr. Dice will be a hilarious experience thanks to this cute and fun storyline! The doctor seems to have a lot of trouble with his formulas, which leads to the laboratory is a chaotic mess at the moment.

You can give him a hand by rolling the dice and get the right combinations for moving the objects to meet the requirements of the stage. From the given dices with six surfaces, there will be a wide range of possibilities that you can get. There will be a combo meter that is used to recording the liquid leftover for each stage.

If by the end of the stage, you still have some remaining liquid inside then you will gain more combos or points for it. Start the game by rolling the dice and get the combinations three times. Use the collected combinations to highlight and cross them off the chart. Once all the given combinations are crossed off, you can move on to the next stage with more difficult combinations and more tasks to clear!

A tip for the newbies in this game from gogy games for school is to take advantage of the combos and boosters so as to throw 1 dice over and over until it gets the specific number or value that you want! It's best to stay focus of clearing out the chart that is filled with combinations rather than trying to keep the liquid inside the meter by the end of the game.

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Instruction to play:

Instructions for playing Dr. Dice: Click on the screen to roll the dice and to select, interact.