Knives Strikes

Knives Strikes comes with the latest animation and exciting platform for the fans of knives throwing games, especially the ones who love moving targets. The apples are placed on the board in this Gogy shooting game, however, they will not stay in the same place. Continue to show your ability when it comes to the art of aiming and hitting any targets that are not in a constant place.

Try to ace all the challenges regardless of the number of apples or their placement. Keep shooting for the apples as they are scattered on the rotating board. Depending on the placement of each apple, you will need more skills to hit them. Be careful not to hit the previous knives that have been stuck on the board or else the game will be over. Different levels bring different fruits on the board, ranging from apples to tomatoes and so on.

As long as you can complete multiple levels, you will be able to increase your skills slowly and unlock more knives in your collection. Even though the gameplay is easy to understand and the controlling keys are simple enough for kids of all ages to grasp quickly, mastering this gameplay will be quite a challenge. Let's see how long it takes you to get all available knives and crack all the levels here at!

Getting your timing right is crucial in setting your highest records in this game, however, make sure to calculate and estimate more so that you can guarantee no miss hit. The closer the apples are, the harder it is for you to hit them in one go. Don't be rushed and take the challenges slowly to avoid losing the gained points! Emerge in the world of free games with more shooting-themed options such as Ninja Slicer.

Instruction to play:

Click or tap on the screen to shoot the arrows.