Apple Shooter Remastered

If you have played and got addicted to the classic version of the Apple Shooter game, then there is no reason to miss this updated version – Apple Shooter Remastered. And even when you are new to this game, you will be soon attracted to it. Here at Gogy game, you and a virtual friend are playing a game in which you have a bow and arrows while your friend stands far away from you getting an apple perched on top of his head.


And your goal is to shoot your arrows at the apple and not to kill your friend. Then, make use of your aiming skills to set the perfect direction and power and then finally fire your arrow. There is no time limit here, so always be careful and take your time to aim as exactly as you can if you don’t want to see a blood-soaked tragedy. Many challenging levels are waiting for you to conquer.


The game will become harder and harder over the levels because each time you hit the apple, you will step a bit further and then the target gets smaller each time. Do your best and see how far you can go! Good luck and have fun!


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Instruction to play:

How to play?

Move your mouse to adjust aim and press the left mouse button to shoot.