Word Holiday

In the hands of a master in vocabulary, how will 26 letters turn out to be? Join this new game of Word Holiday where there is no limitation on how many words you can create. With a specific time range, you will enjoy searching for the most unique and hard words in this classic puzzle game that has been one of the most memorable childhood games. The gameplay never gets old, especially with more enjoyable features that are added in this version. The players are given a board filled with letters.

The letters are mixed up and placed in the order of diagonal or vertical orders. You will have to locate the vowel, consonants as well as other elements and match up the letters. Use a certain number of letters and words and connect the letters to line up words. You need to make sure that the words you chose to connect have meanings and they have to fill up the tiles either horizontally or vertically to score on the grid. Hexagonal lines are not counted in this game.

It's best to keep focusing on the required words on the board. However, if you manage to figure out another one that is not on the list, extra scores will be rewarded for your creativity. Get hooked for a long time in the world of puzzles and quizzes at http://gogy.games/ with more fun games like Spike Rings and Babel Tower. The difficulty level will surely increase on higher levels, but it's such a thrilling sensation to learn new words and conquer more challenges.

The game will be suitable for kids who are looking forward to expanding their vocabulary or words library. Beat other records and show your unique style of solving puzzles right now! 

Instruction to play:

Choose and connect the letter using the left mouse.