Big Pizza Delivery Boy Simulator Game

Big Pizza Delivery Boy Simulator Game will make your mouth watering with these big-sized pizzas that are available for delivery. You will be our pizza delivery person for a day and the task is to successfully deliver those pizzas to the right customers on time. Each customer has his or her special order with different ingredients, therefore, don't mess up the orders or deliver to the wrong person! We recommend that you memorize each order's features before starting the game.

The players will control the motorcycle and drive on the streets with a guide as the map. You need to search for the location with the green marks on the map, it's the location for your delivery. There is only a limited time range for each order. Make sure that you deliver the pizzas within that time limitation to avoid wasting any order. The further the distances, the harder you have to work to bypass all the obstacles that are on your way.

Expanding the map by updating your motorcycle and deliver faster than ever at Carry out the tasks of getting calls, answering the customers, and delivering smoothly to ensure the daily work of your pizzas station. How many customers will you be able to serve without fail? Participate in the making process of more cooking and delivering games such as Heavy City Coach Bus Simulator Game 2k20 and Rise Of Speed

Instruction to play:

Drive the motorcycle using the arrow keys and interact using the left mouse button.