Mosquito Smash Game

Mosquito Smash Game will bring a new mini-game that is extremely fun and entertaining thanks to the fast-paced gameplay and exciting rules. The room is filled with mosquitoes and they are biting everyone. It's your goal to make sure that you wipe out the mosquitoes and make the room clean again! Be quick in your movement and show the best hit as the mosquitoes come into your line of vision. Don't miss or leave out any of them as they will keep on growing and become more dangerous. Smashing mosquitoes is pretty relaxing and destressing if you come to love this activity.

Moreover, this game from Gogy arcade game is for free so there is no restraint on how many times you can replay it! Upon colliding with the mosquitos, people in the room will die and as a result, more mosquitoes appear. Will you be able to stop the growth of mosquitoes on each level without failing? Smash faster and faster to catch up with the growing speed of their population. Pay attention to the corners of the room and keep scrolling to discover all the areas.

It's best to sweep the floor once before making any moves to keep track of the places that you have finished smashing. The mosquitoes will try to move and change the position from one place to another, but with great management, you can still gather them into one place for destroying! As the speed will increase through the levels, try to smash faster and faster!

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Instruction to play:

Smash the mosquitoes using the left mouse button or by tapping on the mobile screen.