Rum & Gun

Rum & Gun allows you to live like your dream, which is to become a legendary pirate captain for a day! His mission is to bring terror and explore anything that is on the Indian Ocean, which will be your mission as well. On this sea, there are so many strange things that haven't been fully explored. From fights against the other pirates, defeating wild beasts, mermaids, and other horrors, you will have to guide your team and defeat them all.

There are a few weapons that are available for you to use but you have to acquire them from their trunks first. Reloading when necessary is crucial for surviving the attacks in this Gogy adventure game, but keep in mind that your fuel will be the rum! By gathering the rum bottles, you can energize the main character and keep him going. So there will be two main elements that contribute to your chance of winning: the rum and the guns. Find any related resources that can be helpful like these two and keep the title of the mightiest pirate for as long as possible.

Check out the Leaderboard at to see if your record makes it to the top rankings! You should attack with a melee at the perfect timing to gain the upper hand in the battle and to keep your base steady. Will you be ready for other fighting and adventure games like Galaxy Attack Virus Shooter after having conquered this one? Be brave and use your unique way of thinking and tactics. 

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrows to move the pirate. Attack and melee-attack using the left and right buttons. Change the weapons using the numbers. Use E key to drink rum, R to reload, Q to run and I to see the inventory.