Slings To The Basket

Slings to the Basket tests the kids' ability to judge a situation with tons of items, challenging obstacles, and the skill to come up with the best strategy using limited moves. Not only will you be able to demonstrate your amazing brainstorming skill in this puzzle game at Gogy land but you can also have fun slinging the animals!

It's the new game in which the players will need to sling the player from the starting point to the basket and dive through the location of all golden coins to collect them. If you manage to go from one point to another and successfully fall into the basket without any interruption, you can own this tough game with the top scores for all levels.

The features of this adventure game allow the kids to bounce off both game sides to avoid both the obstacles and to collect fruits. Gold coins and fruits are what increase your total scores, therefore, while being on the trip to reach the baskets, keep an eye on those things too! A tip is that when you are in red points, make sure to pass that point quickly because it disappears in no time!

How will you dodge the obstacles and conquer a total of 20 levels within the shortest recorded time? Be the first to collect all the skins and items that will make your character cooler! The difficulty level shall increase throughout the game, which makes it quite fun to keep bouncing and overcome new targets. A bunch of new games such as Super Solitaire will be equally good for your playtime, don't forget that you can enjoy them for free here at!

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Pull and release the mouse cursor to shoot the main character to the basket.