Frogie Cross The Road

We need a friend to help this cute frog who is in dire need to cross to the opposite side of the road in our Gogy 2022 free game: Frogie Cross The Road! It's an adorable game with the loveliest animation along with a cute color palette. Learn the rule of the game with just one click! Your job is to help the frog cross the road that is filled with moving trucks and cars.

The cars keep coming in and there's no way to tell when the next one will show up. You need to move quickly once there's a blank space and keep moving to avoid losing the game. Not only will you come across the cars as obstacles but you need to also be ready for a ton of other dangers on the path. Different dangers on the road require different ways of solutions, therefore, do your best to adapt and come up with a method to win.

Jump across the road and steer clear of the fast-moving cars as well as deep water pools. If you don't move, the game screen will catch up with the frog and the game is over. This means that you don't get the luxury to stay in one place for too long.

Invite a friend to share the fun of the game as this game at gogy games online allows two players to have fun at the same time. Or you can go head to head with the CPU! Explore other gaming options such as Island of Pirates for the intensive gaming experience with your online friends now! 

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses the WASD keys to move the frog.

Players 2 moves using the arrow keys.

Use the mobile or tablet's touchpad to play.