Battle Soccer Arena

Your time has come. The biggest soccer tournament is about to start. It’s time to show off your soccer skills and bring the champion cup home. Battle Soccer Arena is the latest soccer game at where you can compete against the computer or your friends in 3v3 matches. Here, a match lasts 60 seconds. Within this given time, you have to score as many goals as possible and prevent the opposing team from scoring.

Before entering the match, you choose your favorite team among 12 options. 12 teams have different stats in terms of speed, power kick, slide, and recovery. If you play 1-player mode, you choose a team for you and a team for the computer. If you play 2-player mode, you guys choose a team for yourself. After that, the match starts, you control one player, and two other players on the team will automatically run.

Both soccer teams don’t have a goalkeeper. Therefore, each player is in charge of scoring and protecting the goal as a goalkeeper. In this exciting Gogy online game, you can choose to activate boosts and bombs before the match. Bombs will freeze the player for a few seconds when they hit the bomb. Besides freezing you, bombs also can boost your speed or damage your character.

Try to stay away from bombs because the players from the opposing team will take a chance to score when you are being frozen. Scoring a goal doesn’t depend on your soccer skills but also your luck. Enjoy it and whether you play against the computer or your friends, you are sure to have a great gaming time. The following options are also enjoyable to check out: Christmas Penguin Puzzle and Truck Dragging Driver .

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Spacebar to kick, mouse or arrow keys to move.