Keep Zombie Away

For the fans of survival games, this new gaming option of Keep Zombie away will be quite a decent option that you can embrace and enjoy during your playtime! Emerge in the survival vibe of the post-apocalypse world where you need to ace the tasks as given to escape the pursuit of zombies in this game from! Perform the tasks as assigned and make sure that you can escape their attacks within a short time.

Do your best to escape the chase of these scary undeads, locate the safe house, enter it, and secure your house at all costs. In order to travel through a long journey filled with zombies and other dangers, make sure to come up with a plan that can be executed smoothly regardless of the zombies' attacks. While you are on the route to complete other challenges, make sure to stay focused and alert to steer clear of the randomly pop-up zombies.

Depending on the number of zombies and the terrain, you can either choose to jump and dodge them or defeat them in a fight. Grab the scattered transportation on the way and utilize them for faster movement. It's crucial to keep your safe house stable from any new attack, therefore, take advantage of any tools or resources that you own to conquer this game.

This will be a perfect game for this fall season as you can emerge in the vibe of autumn and the spooky season approaching! If this is your favorite genre with a good gaming experience, why don't you participate in more virtual games such as Dino Grass Island or Pull'em All, all of which are free for kids of all ages on our Gogy game land?


Instruction to play:

Complete the missions using the mouse and left mouse button.