Captain Sniper

The targets that you need to take down in this game of Captain Sniper from the list of Gogy action 2021 will be in disguise and hard to spot. This means that we need the best players with advanced skills in shooting and aiming to ace this game of shooting online! Protect your civilians from the assassins or the villains using your precision in aiming and shooting.

Your main task as the superhero in this game is to conquer the task of a detective who is the main character of the game. He's in the quest to search for the target for each stage. Locating them will be quite a problem as they disguise using props and different clothes than their descriptions. On a daily basis, the detective will receive an order saying the details of the attacks from the terrorist group.

This organization will plan to take over the city and attack the civilians one by one. Complete the order as the main sniper and make sure that the conspiracy to defeat them can be carried out. It's time to set your beloved rifle and hit the battlefield. Such a rifle is your main weapon with a precise aiming viewfinder so that you can capture the movement and the positions of your opponent. The first mission for you will be to locate the assassin in black and make sure that the security guard - his target - can walk away safe and sound.

Keep in mind that when you progress throughout the game, the difficulty level will be increasing slowly to create more challenges for the players. There will be a lot of upgrades available for your rifle so that your damage range and capacity range can increase when you need to utilize it. Continue the shooting games with more options like Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero or Dino Squad Battle Mission at the website of gogy school!

Instruction to play:

Controls: Click to aim and shoot.