Master Chess

Winning a chess game here at Master Chess will require flexible thinking, good chess techniques, and the best choice in each circumstance. If you are a fan of chess, this virtual gaming selection from the Gogy puzzle game: Master Chess will be a good option for exploration! Enhance your thinking, tactics, and chess ability by practicing with the PC or your friend in this game! Thanks to the two game modes of single or duo players, you either compete with the PC for more challenging and AI thinking, or go head to head with another friend in the personal server.

You and your friend can share the same local server in which both of you can play on the same device! Either type is fun, so feel free to make your pick! It's a stylish gaming selection for chess thanks to many upgrades in terms of graphics and design, along with a 3D setting and amazing animation. You can emerge in this mind-wrecking puzzle and find out the right next moves. Capture the most pieces from your opponent, or checkmate with all on board. The strategy and tactics might change, but they depend on your option! This game allows you to retract one move, however, it shall affect your final stars and scores.

The player who manages to clear the match first by checkmating the other following the chess rule will be the winning side of that stage. Move on to more levels with other players and demonstrate your amazing mind when it comes to chess playing! Would you like to check out some good games like Boxing Random or Puper Ball to explore our huge range of game genres at

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button or touchpad to choose and move the chess pieces.