Babel Tower

As the main builder and contractor of the Tower of Babel, you will need to gather the required resources with your team to successfully create a special tower that will be higher and higher! Use your team of miners, builders, crafters, lumberjacks smartly as each of them has his function for a specific task. Let's find out if you can be the best at building the tower in this incremental game from Gogy land!

Every time you manage to build up another floor, new functions, and add-ins, as well as new materials, will be unlocked for your usage. Tap the Quarry for stone mining, which will keep going as you keep your finger going down. Sell the stone at the market for coins and resources for your tower building process. Keep pressing at the rock to mine stone, which then will be transferred to the store for processing.

Your teams will be in charge of speeding up the procedure of bricks creation, gather lumber by chopping trees, and stacking up the bricks. Upgrades are the most important parts of the game due to the constant growing price of material and necessary resources. However, once you reach a certain number of floors, your building starts building up the simple steps by itself, and with the help of your teams, the work will be easier thanks to faster paces.

Keep an eye out for the Golden Bricks, which will be given to the best builder who can boost his or her tower with the highest speed. If you manage to gain the special brick, it's possible to boost your tap power, productivity and sell for a higher price. Keep exploring the world of interactive and increment games with more choices like Dune Surfer and Spike Rings

Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse to mine stone and control the materials.