Bike Racing 3

Bike Racing 3 is an online racing game which you can play on gogy racing games for free. It is the next version of exciting and entertaining Bike Racing 2 and it presents a new range of obstacles and challenges. The rule play is similar to Bike Racing 2: you must drive your bike through a series of courses safely.

The road is very hard with plenty of slopes and they appear with the thick density. Thus, you must control your bike carefully to avoid crashing the slopes or roll over. Otherwise, you will lose your life immediately. Each level requires you to complete a certain distance. For example, you have to go through 600 meters in level 1.

On the way in gogy 2018 games, you can see the gold coins containing the number inside. Collect them all to gain scores. For instance, the coin with number 10 brings you 10 points and the coin having number 20 brings you 20 points. The more coins you collect, the more points you get.

Besides, you must complete the courses as quickly as possible for bonus points but avoid destroying your bike. To propel your bike forward over the terrain, use the accelerator. Remember to collect the fuel tanks to refill your fuel. Use these collected coins to improve the fuel capacity, engine, tires, and stability for the bike. You can unlock the new modern vehicles such as a Scooter and a Pitbike -these cost large amounts of coins. Furthermore, you can gain the bonus points by making the stunts and flips.

There are different maps for you to travel to and they provide different bonuses too - for example, the first map gives a 5% coin bonus. Try your best to unlock all the bikes and explore all the maps.

Your feedback and voting are always welcomed. Introduce the game to your buddies to have fun in the free time. You may want to try out Bike Trial and Bike Trials: Wasteland at

Instruction to play:

Left click to push the pedal or use the arrows to move.