Besties On Wednesday

Keep the girl styles and input tons of new outfit options for Besties On Wednesday to go to school! In this, you will play the role of the stylist for this young pair of besties going to school together. They will be learning magic and trying to make new friends but in styles. This requires good outfit coordination, some modern matching, and of course, a lot of dark items.

You need to pick up the items in each segment, ranging from tops, bottoms, dresses, boots, and heels, to other types of clothes. Based on your dream style, design the outfit by picking out the necessary items. As long as the final result can showcase Wednesday's special style, you will ace the game! Our girl prefers black as the main color. However, there are some other good choices that you can pick colors to add a splash of colors to this gothic look.

Not only will you need to come up with the outfit choice for her but for her vibrant girly roommate as well! Since the roommate enjoys bright colors, so make sure to gather as many as possible. It's best if you can turn her whole look into a rainbow party! The bright girl has her secrets as well, which you can explore and find the styles that channel her inner self.

The key is to pick the most suitable look for each lady with your fashion sense and a good combination of materials, styles, and cool additional accessories! This is one of the most popular dress-up girl games as Idle Pizza Empire from the list of gogy girl games where all the magic happens! The stylish image depends greatly on how you make your pick, but don't refrain from any creativity or imagination! 

Instruction to play:

Choose the outfits with the left button or touchpad on mobiles.