Fortune Cookies

Have you ever tried fortune cookies? This kind of sweet is not only a tasty treat but also a fortune teller. It’s just for fun. You don’t have to buy fortune cookies at the store but make it by yourself. Come to go gy games and play Fortune Cookies to discover the easy recipe to make this cool treat. This game suits both kids and adults because it guides players to go through every step in detail. People love fortune cookies because when they break them in half, they will get a piece of paper consist of a message.

It sounds great, right. Let’s start baking. First of all, you pour water, sugar, flour, and butter into a big bowl and use a hand mixer or mix the mixture well. Mix until you get a smooth batter-like consistency. Roll the dough and cut it into small circles. Place them into the tray and put it into the over to bake. When the cookies are cooked, you take them out and quickly shape them and put a small slip of paper inside. Then, you can taste it and discover the message inside.

On, fortune cookies are made for predicting the future but don’t believe. They don’t have special powers of foresight. It gives you some advice and the advice may be helpful. Fortune cookies are made from an easy recipe and come to this game, the making process is even easier and simpler. You just need to follow the instruction and done. You have some cute fortune cookies to give your loved ones.

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Instruction to play:

Make homemade fortune cookies by using your mouse.