Bubble Blobs

Waste away the boring playtime with Bubble Blobs, a bubble shooting game for players from Gogy games online. It's the remake of one of the most famous classic games of bubble shooting, therefore, you might find the gameplay a little familiar. The rules remain the same as that of the old version. Your job is to shoot the bubble to the cluster of the same color so as to pop as many as possible.


Keep in mind that there will be a time limit for each level and the score benchmark to pass on to the next level, which means that not only do you have to shoot fast but you also have to aim precisely. Should the shot bubble be the same color as the existing bubble on the grid at http://gogy.games/, they can be eliminated. The best part of the game is that you will also tackle different challenges on each level. For example, after gaining the number of bubbles, you also have to gather enough bubble of one color as well.


Can you see the lower bound? Avoid letting the bubble fall below the lowest line, otherwise, the game is over. Players can enjoy the fun gameplay along with bright, colorful graphics, both of which are loved by many kids of all ages. With this kind of game, you can also improve the ability to solve the puzzle, enhance flexibility and the amazing skills of observation. Move the bubbles and win! More games from the same category are Fussy Furries and Mini Mall Millionaire

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the left mouse to aim and shoot the bubbles.