The House of Evil Granny

 The only way to escape The House of Evil Granny is to be very brave to overcome the scariest creatures lurking in the dark of the house. It's a new horror game from Gogy land that allows the daring players to explore a famous haunted house. There is an evil granny inside the house and she will attack to scare anyone who dares to come inside. Do you have the gut to escape the death and torture from the dark?

The way to escape is to find the master key which can be used to open any door. Another task is to reach the front door to get out of this nightmare as fast as possible. The longer you stay in the house, the more threats there are. The players will have to move from one room to another to search for the key while using a hammer to defend themselves.

At gogy games,  the creepy assassin can't be stopped for too long. She pops up randomly around the corners to scare all of the little players. A new feature that can help you to search for the key faster is the view option. You can choose to view the layout of the house from a different viewpoint if that helps.

Don't be a coward and you will make it out of the house! Plenty of horror games such as Active Runner and Subway Surf Halloween are awaiting for you!

Instruction to play:

Use WASD to move, view and attack with the mouse, interact with objects using the F key, Shift to run and the spacebar to jump.