Darkmaster And Lightmaiden

Darkmaster and Lightmaiden - free game targets the essence of teamwork as this Gogy game takes 2 players working together to find the way out of each stage. Not only will your cooperative spirit be tested but your strategy and problem-solving skills will come in handy as well. The game has an elaborated storyline with more than one rule, therefore, it's important that you pay attention to the tutorial on each stage to stay alive. Two characters for your selection are Darkmaster and Lightmaiden, each with his or her special ability and movements.

The players who control two characters need to work together to crack the doors open, solve puzzles, and defeat monsters, obstacles placed on each stage. Some prominent obstacles you will find out your way toward the exit are the spiky holes, hanging items that threaten to fall, locked doors and many others. The players can either choose to control both characters or get another friend online or offline to control the other. Different keys are assigned for two players so that there will not be any overlapping.

Coordinate together and communicate well to manipulate the items as well as move swiftly throughout the mazes. Traps, holes, and exit doors will require two players to open at the same time or push the buttons correctly. Also, the tutorial for new features and items popping up on each stage will guide the beginners through the game and allow you to understand the rules faster. Keep on purchasing the clothes from the stores to make your character's appearance more unique!

Enjoy the pixelated graphics, bright and vibrant design along with the latest updated gameplay of other adventure games like Bounce Prediction from our collection at http://gogy.games/

Instruction to play:

move with arrows or WASD and spacebar, change character using E key, interact with the mouse cursor.