Hexaquatic Kraken

Are you looking for a good matching game that is simple enough for kids to play, but fun enough to keep you hooked for a long time? This gaming selection of Hexaquatic Kraken will easily be your perfect choice with these criteria! It's the chance to dive into the ocean of our Gogy online 4 kid game to clear the most distinctive matching game. Like any other similar game in the list, this 3-matching game requires players to clear off all the lines in which three of the same animals are closely placed.

There are plenty of animal friends that you will be facing, with colorful designs and wondrous depths of the ocean for you to freely explore. From colorful sea animals, fishes, and coral reefs to crabs and others, you will enjoy this game with them as the main items! Learn how to solve puzzles while riding the tide of bonuses and defeat your ultimate enemy - the Kraken so as to protect the ocean.

It's a simple yet addictive game where your matching and commanding skills are tested. Why don't you take this free chance to enjoy this vibrant art, friendly interface, immersive gameplay, and dramatic background music? There's no limitation on how you clear out each line. Just link the lines of hexagon tiles by connecting them with your mouse and the lines will be removed.

The hardest part is to win with a limited number of tiles in various colors. We would like to see how fast you can accelerate on the Leaderboard alongside the most competitive players on the website at https://gogy.games/? An amazing game like Beaver Weaver will be a suitable candidate for your next gaming session! 

Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse to choose and drag to link the hexagons or match similar tiles.