Rakhi Block Collapse

A new traditional-themed game called Rakhi Block Collapse is here to make your puzzle game time more interesting and special with patterns that you have never seen before! Rakhi is the pattern that is shown on the block or around the wrists of a special group with the hope to protect the villagers in this Gogy games unblocked.

Your job is to collect all the clusters of blocks with similar themes and patterns on each level. Don't stop until the board is wiped clean. Keep moving from one group to another and think of the best group to clear first so as to combine more pieces for a bigger group. Once you manage to collapse a block, 200 points are given to your total scores, and this number will keep growing throughout the game.

From the easiest level with lots of similar blocks stacking next to each other to the hardest one where you have to think, you can learn a lot about the block managing techniques! Getting more power-ups is possible because you can gain one if you succeed in collapsing a significantly large block. A challenge for new players in this game is the differentiation of patterns that are slightly different only. If you can master this well, you will be able to conquer this and a lot of other puzzle games such as Panic Princess from https://gogy.games/!

Don't be worry if you can find another block that has a similar pattern next to the original block because you can feel free to use the special boosters to clear up a patch of the board easily! With the colorful design, unique patterns, time-based gameplay, this game will be a thrilling sensation for your freetime!

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Click to choose and remove the group of blocks.