Space Escape

Space Escape brings a new gaming option for multiple players with no cost and is available for you right now at Gogy puzzle land! In order to find out the distance that you traveled, start the quest to help the sole astronaut reach his spaceship. It's a new combination of puzzle games for kids and arcade games with plenty of corners and obstacles. Learn how to explore the huge map in this space game in order to find your dream ship.

Obstacles show up here and there scattered on the levels. A tip for the newbie is that you should get rid of all types of obstacles or dodge them if possible. In this space game, the players need to escape all the rooms with no collision with enemies or hindrance, while searching for the final gate out. The escaping mission has never been easy, but you can challenge yourself with more methods to win here.

The endless space is here for the kids to demonstrate their unique ways of moving on the board from tiles to tiles. As there are hundreds of stages waiting for you to unlock, stay focused, and don't miss out on any hidden boxes. These missions are not impossible, however, practicing hard is the way to master them all.

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Instruction to play:

Use the Up, Down, Left, and Right keyboards to navigate the astronaut through obstacles.