Rabbids Wild Race

Rabbids Wild Race is to test your racing techniques when it comes to the race tracks which are filled with more than a few opponents. Are you ready to go up against a crowd of more than twenty different rabbits in your game? The ultimate objective of this Gogy free game is to fly as far as possible and collect the most stars. Avoid the attack from other naughty rabbids which can show up randomly on the route.

In order to gain more boost to unlock more wacky races, you can use the gained scores to purchase updates and new items. By dressing up and getting your Jetpack ready, you can tackle the race with smooth operation. This io game provides a new platform to share one race with plenty of your friends and do your best to get the craziest outfits to stand out.

Your final scores are calculated based on the coins collected and the streaks or combos that you gained. Don't forget that you can utilize any item that you found on the racing track to create the most naughty tricks to annoy other players and slow them down. Thanks to the dynamic gameplay and vibrant settings as well as adorable character design, this new game has been all the rage here on the gaming collection at gogy racing games. Learning how to control and maneuver the character is only the first step.

Drop down the floor to start running if you find the number of obstacles in the air too many. Once you have mastered this fast-paced game, why don't you take a look at other equally fun games such as Bike Racing Bike Stunt Games to expand your favorite game basket at https://gogy.games/? It's all available for all kids regardless of age and without any cost! 

Instruction to play:

Use the spacebar or hold the left mouse button to fly.