Mummy Candy Treasure

Digging for gold is the old style of digging games that most kids have tried. However, have you ever tried digging for candies underground? Thanks to the most unique theme here in Mummy Candy Treasure, Gogy land allows the players to have a blast with one of the free games with cartoon graphics, high-quality design, and beautiful characters. You will play the role of a mummy who is in the desperate search for candies this Halloween. There is a goal for each level that concerns the number of candies or gold pieces.

Make sure that you use the limited time range to collect the candies from the stand. Once the clock runs out, you can't release the hook to capture the items anymore, therefore, choose wisely before unleashing it to refrain from wasting precious time. Our recommendation for the newbies is to go for the huge candies and gold coins first. The top priority is to gain enough scores to move to the next stages.

Great observation and precise aiming skills will also play the crucial roles in conquering the Leaderboard of this game at There is one chance of cutting the rope using the scissors in case that you want to ditch the item midway. Be the first to top the ranking board with more interactive games like Shape Adjust and Two Tubes 3D

Instruction to play:

Use the left click to release the hook and to use the scissors.