Run Life Simulator

Grow and maintain a life of your own in this growing up simulation game is no easy feat, but with proper practice, you will get the hang of Run Life Simulator in no time! It's a simple game with a 2D vertical screen and a new version of the classic clearance cartoon game. Along with the adorable art animation, you will find yourself navigating through tons of challenges that life throws at you.

You will be controlling a small dot and dash through the road while collecting all the sickness objects without touching any dangers. Steer clear from the pad, the glowing objects and just focus on the same characters as yours. The more you can collect, the more scores you get in this Gogy arcade game.

Moreover, it's the length of your journey that matters the most in calculating the record. Therefore, do your best to dodge, move, drift and change between three lanes in time to maximize your performance. The game has some assistant tools to make the journey less tough for you. The unicorn will help reduce the difficulty right from the start of the game.

While the clock keeps you enter the invincible mode, the fairy icon allows you to keep running for a despite being failed or attacked. Use them wisely and you will quickly be the best player in Heat your day with more fast games such as Chilly Snow Ball and Aqua Friends

Instruction to play:

Hold and move the mouse cursor to move the character.