Super Droid Adventure

The latest Gogy arcade gaming option of Super Droid Adventure will be one of the most thrilling options with a combination of good arcade gameplay, new graphics, a cool journey to the castle, and plenty of new updates! Emerge in this arcade world where the players will assist the main character of Robot to not only move toward the end of the path but also to defeat a powerful boss.

The castle has been destroyed and it's time for your vengeance! Once you step foot on this new journey, chances are you will easily encounter numerous objects, different traps, strange creatures, and dangerous enemies. All these obstacles are lining up to prevent you from reaching your goal - which is to reach the flag hold at the destination point of the game. Like any usual arcade game, utilize the movement of your main character to free up the path.

From running, and jumping to dodge the items, breaking blocks to searching all nooks and crannies to find power-ups, and gathering coins, all of them will bring about complicated and elaborated gameplay. Utilize the skill sets that you have and move forward with great speed! You are free to take advantage of the given firepower to keep advancing and make the job easier.

Flexibility and navigation will be two key points in helping your quest clear out sooner. Compete to get your hero to the final places within the shortest time frame and gather the top scores as shown on the Leaderboard! Other similar-themed games with equall to clear them all! 

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrows to move left, right, and jump up and down.

Use X or J keys to shoot.