Dangerous Adventure 2

If you are one of the players who are seeking adventures here at Gogy online games, this small game taking place on the magical land will easily be the best option for you. The players are greeted in the North by a beam of light that comes from a local tavern. Your main objective in this game of Dangerous Adventure 2 will be to discover the way to win all battles in this maze and get out of the adventure in one piece.

The detailed tutorial inside the game shall lead you through the step-by-step guide as to how to maneuver and use the function in the game. First, move along the campus by clicking on the dot on the map. There will be an x icon that indicates the enemy so that you can keep track of their positions on the map with reference to yours. If a room has an enemy, you will not be able to proceed, which means that there's a battle to conquer.

Clear all the rooms and build a team filled with heroes to navigate through the harder ones. For each battle, the players will take turns and collect the colored orbs on the board. You can hover the mouse on the top scheme of the screen to see what percentage of damage a monster of a certain color will take. For example, the blue orbs hit the blue monster 100% and cause 50% damage to the purple ones.

Let's learn how to match colored stones to gain mana by demonstrating winning streaks in the battles! As it's still an interactive game, make sure to collect items, equipment, potions, and spells to unlock all the magical spirits and secrets here at Gogy games! Some similar-themed games like Small Archer 2 will also lift up your spirit and experience with fighting games and such, so hit them up now! 

Instruction to play:

Click and use the mouse to interact on battles.