Bear Chase

Join the lovely bear on the journey to collect all the possible gifts from Gogy free game! There's nothing happier than collecting a gift, so why don't we start the journey to find happiness in the form of gifts? Your main task is to find all the possible gifts and give them to him.

The first thing the players will see in this game is the place where the bear moves. The layout is simple with some of the blocks scattered on air so that you can have momentum and steps to climb up higher. At the beginning of the game, the gifts show up in the lower steps so it's easy to get them. As you gain more and more scores, another enemy will appear. You have to avoid your shadow which will try to follow you.

If the shadow touches you, the game will be over immediately. Moreover, as the difficulty of the levels increases, you will need to climb higher and move more frequently to gather the gifts. Feel the satisfaction of getting the gifts that you like for free here at Don't miss out on the opportunity to discover what's inside the gifts with our cute bear! Jumping up and down will be fun too!

One of the best features of the game is pretty graphics with smooth outlines and cute characters. Endless chase will be enjoyable and relaxing. You can choose to play and stop anytime you want. Then, how about other gameplay like Rob Runnerand Avm Old Bungalow Escape for a refreshing feeling? 

Instruction to play:

Move with the left, right and up arrows.