Boxing Stars

The best fighters usually rise from the most intense matches from the box underground before they can fully transform into a star. Let's test your skills and improve your technique with rewards from the game of Boxing Stars from Gogy free games 4 kids before hitting the professional range! It's time to prepare the gear, put on the boxing gloves, and fight with all your power.

Zhe goal will simply be to defeat all opponents that you will go up against in different fights to collect not only the rewards but also the trophies. Will you be able to coordinate different techniques and deliver the best attacks, blocking, and movement to create your individual fighting styles? After gaining some money, go to the store and upgrade the techniques for your character.

One of the elements that you can choose and control for your character's best capacity will be the power range, which delivers more powerful attacks. Defense scores give better blocking of attacks. The third one - health scores - determines your body resistance level against the waves of attacks. Of course, the last one will be the scores of regeneration which indicates your speed of energy regeneration in a fight. Don't miss out on any contribution elements and make sure that you upgrade them all using the gained money from successful matches.

Moreover, go through the list of boxing rings and pick one that is suitable for your current level. We have it all, from the underground fighting, club, to professional tournaments and championships. Each has a different amount of money required to get in and different rewards. Conquer other street fights and knock off the enemies in more games such as Cards Connect from, all available without a cost!

Instruction to play:

Controls: Use left and right arrows to move, A to punch, S to block the attacks and D to deliver knockback punches.