Rainbow Frozen

Rainbow Frozen is the new gaming option for the lovely ladies who would like a bit of refreshing taste of ice cream to make the summer less hot! It's your chance to take this journey to the world of Gogy for school and learn the steps to prepare Frozen, the best-selling drinks for hot days here at our shop. Will you be able to hit the target of sales and keep the customers coming back for more?

The tasks include getting to understand the ice-cream-making process, then hit the tasks one by one until when you get a box filled with delicious ice-creams! First, pick the flavors from the list of possible flavors in this girl game. Once you have decided on which flavor to recreate, start adding the ingredients to the machine to make an ice cream base. Sugar, milk, cream, and any other necessary coloring, as well as fruit pieces, will make the most creamy base for your cones.

Once the base is carefully mixed, the machine will stop to signify. After that, freely mix in the glass decorations and more refreshing fruits to make amazing ice cream for the tastiest summertime on the beach! Showcase your creativity in decoration and creating new flavor combinations.

This game has lovely and pretty graphics for girls who love a bit of bling-bling decoration, with sweet and colorful images of ice creams and a cute main character! Don't forget that our free girl game collection here at Gogy unblocked  includes tons of newly updated games that you can go for, ranging from cooking, fashion to adventure games such as Goal.io! Let yourself and your best friends take a trip to this heated beach and get some ice cream cones now!

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Click and drag the mouse to interact.