Brain Explosion

Brain Explosion will be quite a challenge for the newbie if you haven't gotten used to the basics of puzzle games like this genre from Gogy land 2020. With a bit of proper training, there is no doubt that you will get the hang of solving these questions in no time! What will you do to come up with the solution to these impossible questions? There will be a variety of ways to solve them, either it's by the obvious solution or the strange ones. Don't forget that only by using the weirdest answers can you be able to crack the problem and solve them one by one.

For each question, you get to select from a collection of four answers. Only one of them is the correct one, but there is nothing that can indicate or hint at it except for your brainstorming. Not all players can make it to the end of the list, so show us your ability to come up with crazily smart answers! Prepare yourself for a dozen quizzes with increasing difficulty levels and fun themes.

Like any other arcade and puzzle games, you will find a Leaderboard in this game along with the coins that can be exchanged in the shop and more newly updated features at For some seemingly easy questions, try to be skeptical and choose the unique ones. As you progress to the hardest quizzes, useful bonuses that you purchased using your coins will become a handy help. Don't waste your 3 lives and think carefully before making any move to avoid stopping the game too soon!

Of course, this endless game will be available for you to replay as many times as you would like, so feel free to tackle the challenges again with more famous games like Adam And Eve: Snow 

Instruction to play:

Click on the correct answers using the left mouse.