Eco Inc. Save The Earth Planet

Save the Earth by completing all the missions in this game of Gogy online 2022 game with the name of Eco Inc. Save The Earth Planet and enjoy the educational gameplay for free! Take part in the missions of Save the Earth, the Seaspiracy, Climate strike, Crying animals, and many other troubles that are the hot topic of the season. Each mission focuses on a different issue that is currently a huge topic related to the ecological disaster.

Your job will be to research and study specifications of regions to indicate the exact problems of that locations. The goal of this game is to track the current eco-situations of the Earth’s regions one by one before choosing the resources to deal with them. Depending on each trouble, the players will need to decide what to do about it. Send more volunteers, fight negative poachers and smugglers, and overcome the toughest disasters in this new game!

In order to stabilize the situation, you will need to tackle each mission with a variety of difficulty levels, from the easy to the hard one. Feel free to go through the simple in-game tutorials that will be helpful for you to learn the basics of the game. How long will you take to restore and improve the eco-situation of the Earth with top scores in this game from

If you get the best statistics at the end of the mission, you will easily get the top spot on the Leaderboard! Every step you pick in this game will have great effects on the overall situation of the environment, so be careful and choose carefully! More games like Jake The Snake will be suitable if you enjoy this genre.

Instruction to play:

Choose the land and interact with the tasks using the left mouse cursor or using the finger on tablets.