Adam and Eve Go Xmas

Christmas is around the corner. Christmas songs are played everywhere and Christmas ornaments are hung up. Adam and Eve have prepared for Christmas this year. Everything seems to be done, except for Xmas presents. Eve wants Adam to collect some gift boxes. In Adam and Eve Go Xmas at Gogy online games 2020, your ultimate goal is to guide Adam go through all obstacles to collect as many Xmas presents as possible. You may have played some installments of the Adam and Eve series on our site for sure. Most of them are point-and-click puzzle games but this one is different. It’s a platformer game with puzzles.

Here, Adam has to go to the left, right, go up and go down the platform to collect gifts. Of course, it’s not just simple and east like that. So many obstacles are there to challenge your wit and wisdom. You have to use your brain to solve some puzzles to get some important items to unlock the door, exchange with the characters in the game to get necessary items, and so on.

On, you have 3 lives in each level. If you run out of 3 hearts, you have to play that level once again. Make sure you observe and have a look at everything because you may face something look innocent but dangerous. For example, just wait until the snake becomes invisible and quickly pass over before it becomes normal.

It’s an example showing that take action carefully is essential. Collect a full bag of gifts and bring them to Eve waiting at home. She’ll happy for sure. Have a safe journey and explore tons of games such as Symmetry Challenge and Adam And Eve: Snow

Instruction to play:

Arrow keys to play.