Fish Hop

The funniest game with a colorful animation is here at Gogy kid games! Fish is on the menu tonight. Help this little poor fish and save him from the fate of being cooked on a hot grill for the barbecue in Fish Hop free game! This is a clicking game where all you have to do is click. The fish constantly try to hop on the next level, but it depends on the location of the holders and the clothes.

Fortunately, there are many clothes hang out which can be helpful for the escaping journey. Your job is to choose the perfect timing when the clothesline aligns with the fish. Then, click to make the fish land perfectly on the line. Keep repeating the process and let's see what your best scores are. It doesn't matter if you take a long time to wait for moving pieces of clothes.

But keep in mind that if the fish falls down, the game will be over immediately. The technique required for this game at the estimation skills, observation and a good sense of timing. Combine with your hand movement, this quest will be a piece of cake! Come to embrace the stunning graphics with smooth lines and cute design, as well as adorable fish as the main character.

Even the clothes are bright and colorful to enhance your enjoyment! Also, we provide a large collection with other good games like Duke Dogstorm Escape and Words Story for you and your family, so check them out! 

Instruction to play:

Click to make the fish hop up.