Summer Brick Out

As the summer holiday is coming up, the kids are actively looking for good arcade games that they can while away the time without getting bored too soon. In that case, the new Gogy arcade game called Summer Brick Out might be a good choice! The gameplay is so easy and it resembles lots of classic brick-breaking games that even smaller kids can grasp in a short time.

The task includes moving the paddle at the center of the screen and using it as a platform to bounce up the ball and breaking bricks. Even after the balls fall back to the platform, it should remain the platform to hit the back higher. Time is limited, therefore, think of the best direction to clear up the bricks as fast as possible.

The difference of this game from the old ones is that if you hit some blocks, the hidden boosters and new icons will fall from there. Make sure that you move quickly enough to hold them as they are the valuable support for the upcoming levels. Replay the level if you can't complete it at the first try!

The number of bricks for breaking will increase when you reach a higher level, and the speed of the ball goes up as well. Will your skills stand this test and win against a limited time range? Break more things with other Gogy online 2020 games such as Candy Shop Sweets Maker and Donut Crash Saga

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to move the platform.