Ninja Slicer

Ninja Slicer brings another relaxation chance for the players here at Gogy 2022 which provides exciting gameplay with more fun challenges and sword-related tasks. If you are looking for a game to practice your mastery with the sword controlling techniques as well as the aiming skills, this one will be quite a suitable option. Keep your entertainment a thrilling and fun experience with this new game of cutting grass.

What would you do when all that you have gotten to chop off the grass? Utilize this sharp weapon and start cutting off the grass with your precise action. The goal of this game will be to clear off the grass on each of the given tiles as they spread onto the whole field. Thanks to the sharpness and the edge of the sword, the work of performing the deadly cut will become easier for you.

Learn how to manage the sword wisely before spreading the scope and try to clear out more areas with one swing. Once you enter a new level, you will find a specific area of grass-filed tiles that you need to clear out. It's time for you to use the given sword and map out the route for chopping the grass. The faster you can clear the grass, the higher your scores will be.

It's a fascinating game with the ultimate relaxing theme for you and your friends to destress after a long day at work. Thanks to the simple swipe-to-move controlling key set, this stress-relieving action game of become more user-friendly and simple enough for kids of all ages to enjoy! Let's see if your agility and reflexes will be enough! Continue to explore more games with similar themes such as Protect My Dog or Catch That Cat for fun! 

Instruction to play:

Use the swipe movement or arrow keys to chop the grass.