Cute Kitty Care

Cute Kitty Care is a lovely pet care game which you can play on gogy 2018 kids game for free. You found an adorable stray kitten in her neighborhood, she is wounded and hungry. You are the one who loves pets. Thus, I believe that you can treat her well.

We have 3 cats: the pink cat, the white cat and the brown one and you can choose one of them to start the game. Firstly, take a shower for her. Remove the bugs from her body, then clear her hair with the shower gel. She is clean now and you should cut her feet nail, dry her body and groom her hair. After that, take the medical examination with the earpiece, thermometer, etc, and take her a medicine in gogy girl games. She still has many wounds on her body, use should use the antiseptics and antibiotics to treat them.

She feels quite good now but she is still hungry, feed her with the cat food and milk. Besides, we also have other food like fish, carrot, cucumber, and bread. The next step is to make up and dress up for her. Choose the eye color such as yellow, brown, blue, or purple. Then, select the color of her hair. In addition to this, we prepare many lovely accessories for your cat: the pirate hat, bat hat, shoes, and so on.

Your cat is very happy and has a beautiful outfit now.

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Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to play this cute game.