Brick Surfer

Brick Surfer is another perfect option for the fans of casual game type in Gogy land. Not only is this one of the best games that have the best updates from the new collection but it's also an incredibly addictive game. All players just have to stick to one rule - use the stick to your advantage. The goal is to collect sticks to build the bridges which will be used to overcome all the gaps. Another task is to surf toward the finish line using the bridge made from bricks as well.

Despite this easy-to-understand rule, many struggle to master the basics of this game. Therefore, we provide a simple tutorial that will guide you through the first few steps to guarantee a good foundation. Your job in this exciting arcade game choice is to control the character and collect the brick. The bridge length will differ depending on the block gaps on each level.

A stack of brick should be enough to cross the gap and reach the end of the road. If you manage to create a longer stick, there will be higher chances of safely cross the block platform without having to worry about falling. Besides the main task of creating bridges, don't forget that the players need to try and gather as many diamonds as possible. The goal of this task is to successfully unlock more skins and colors of sticks.

Creating a unique appearance for the character is one of the best ways to stand out among your opponents in this game at! If you enjoy such casual and leisure gameplay, it'll be fun to explore some more options such as Amazing Word Twist or Line Road with a similar game type. 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to move and collect the bricks.