Platformer Mixtape 2010

Platformer Mixtape 2010 is the addictive arcade game which you can play on y8 games online for free. The game takes you to an adventure of a little boy in a dangerous place. He can’t anticipate the danger, so he needs your help to guide him to go on the right way and avoid the obstacles.

In the game, you need to navigate a variety of difficult levels to gain the victory. Each level has its own impediments and difficulties, but the general mission is to catch the flag which usually appears in the highest location. To complete your duty, you have to avoid all of the dangerous obstacles including the nails, pinions, and so on and reaching the finish locating safely. You need to have the good flexibility to act fast at the suitable time to dodge these harmful things in gogy funny games.

In many later challenges, you can change your gravitation to walk in the other platform to avoid impediments. This awesome platformer game requires you to jump at the right time perfectly to clear the spikes and land safely on the platforms. If you touch any harmful thing, you will die. But do not panic because you can restart at the same level and go again. There are plenty of levels for you to conquer. The levels also get more the further interesting and challenging as you progress. Try your best to complete all the levels.

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Instruction to play:

Use AD or left/right arrow to move and W/up arrow or space bar to jump.