GunBlood Remastered

GunBlood Remastered is a shooting game which you can play on gogy games online for free. Are you good at shooting? You will take part in the gun battle in the desert. The person who is faster will survive and the other will die. Do you want to become the winner or the deadman? Try your best to win the game!

You have to overcome 9 rounds to get the victory. Before playing, you can choose your character. There are 10 gunslingers with the cool face and they are both males and females. Choose the one you want to become and enter the competition. You and your opponent stand opposite each other. In each round, you have a gun and 6 bullets. After 3 seconds of preparing, you must act fast, aim accurately, and shoot at the head to kill the enemy faster in gogy latest games.

The foe aims and shoots you at the same time, so you must slay them before he can destroy you. After you kill one enemy, you move to the next round. You can see your and your opponent’s health bar on the top of the screen. The person whose bar runs out first will lose the game. Your score is the total of accuracy bonus, speed bonus, and life bonus. Sometimes, you have the bonus round to gain the bonus points. Can you become the best gunslinger?

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Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to aim and shoot.